General Terms and Conditions relating to Mysodexi®

Clause No. 1: Purpose, Definition and General Provisions

The following Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) shall apply to all sales of the product MySoDExI, either via the Company’s website, which forms an integral part of the Agreement between SoDExI and the Customer, or by another means of contact (i.e., by telephone or e-mail). SoDExI reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time by publishing a new version on its website. The applicable T&Cs shall be those in force at the time of payment of the order (or of the first payment in the event of multiple payments). These Terms and Conditions may be consulted on the Company’s website at SoDExI shall also ensure that these T&Cs have been accepted without reserve by providing a box that the Customer must tick to this effect. The Customer shall declare that they are familiar with all of the General Terms and Conditions (and any specific terms and conditions) relating to a product or to a service, and that they accept these without reserve. The Customer shall recognize that they have the information necessary to ensure that the service offering is adapted to their needs. The Customer shall declare that they have the legal capacity to contract under French law or to make undertakings on behalf of the individuals or legal entities concerned. Unless there is evidence to the contrary, the information recorded by SoDExI constitutes the proof of all transactions.
The following Terms and Conditions set out the rights and obligations of SoDExI and its Customers in relation to the provision of the MySoDExI® service.
MySodexi®, a registered trademark of SoDExI, concerns the provision of made-to-measure airport parcel handling services (i.e., photo; personalized confirmation message; dedicated collection/delivery services; etc).

Therefore, all services provided by SoDExI require that Customers agree unreservedly to these Terms and Conditions and that they expressly agree to waive any rights they may have under general purchase conditions.

Clause No. 2: Order

Customers shall place orders at For orders of a specific nature (outsized parcels, live animals, dangerous materials) the Customer shall contact SoDExI directly either via email or telephone using the contact details provided at

Clause No. 3: Contracting online

When placing their order, Customers shall follow a specific series of steps for each product offered by MySoDExI.
However, the following steps must be followed:

  • Information on the essential features of the Product;
  • Selection of Product from any available options and indication of essential Customer information (identification, address, etc.);
  • Customer agreement to these Terms and Conditions.
  • Checking the different parts of the order and correcting any errors.
  • Tracking payment instructions and accepting terms and conditions.
  • Performing the service.

The Customer shall then receive an e-mail confirming that the order has been accepted together with a copy of these Terms and Conditions in pdf form. For the purpose of fulfilling the order and pursuant to Article 1316-1 of the French Civil Code (Code civil), the Customer shall undertake to provide factually correct identification information. SoDExI reserves the right to refuse any order that is of an abnormal nature or not placed in good faith, or for any other legitimate reason.

Clause No. 4: Prices

Prices charged for the product sold shall be those in force on the day on which the order is placed. These are denominated in euros and presented net of tax. Consequently, VAT and carriage costs applicable on the day the order is placed shall be added to the price.

SoDExI reserves the right to change its prices at any time, however, it undertakes to bill the goods ordered at the price indicated when the order is placed and recorded.

Clause No. 5: Trade discounts and rebates

The rates offered include any trade discounts and rebates that SoDExI may decide to grant based on its results or the Customer agreeing to perform certain services themselves.

Clause No. 6: Discounts

No discounts shall be granted for payments made in advance.

Clause No. 7: Methods of payment

Orders shall be paid for:

  • either by check; or
  • by bank transfer.

Invoices issued by SoDExI are payable at 30 days.

Clause No. 8: Late payment

In the event of total or partial payment default, the Customer shall pay SoDExI a late payment penalty equivalent to three times the statutory interest rate.

The statutory interest rate shall be the rate in force on the day the goods are delivered.

Late payment interest is calculated on the gross amount outstanding (i.e., incl. VAT) and runs from the date on which the invoice falls due, without the Customer having to be put on formal notice to pay.

In addition to late payment penalties, all amounts outstanding at the due date (including deposits) shall be liable for recovery charges at a flat rate of 40 euros.
Articles 441-6, I paragraph 12 and D. 441-5 of the French Commercial Code (code de commerce).

Clause No. 9: Termination clause

If in the 15 days following the application of the "Late payment” clause, the Customer has not settled the outstanding amounts, the sale shall be canceled as of right and SoDExI may be entitled to a claim for damages.

Clause No. 10: Performance of the service

The service shall be performed:

  • by sending a photo, or
  • by sending a text message, or
  • by performing any other service provided for in the Customer order and validated by SoDExI.

The service performance deadline indicated when the order is recorded is provided for information purposes only. No guarantee whatsoever is provided that it will actually be performed within this time and the actual deadline will depend on when the parcel is actually transported.

Consequently, any reasonable delay in performing the service shall not entitle the Customer:

  • to make a claim for damages, or
  • to cancel the order.

Clause No. 11: Customer dissatisfaction

In the event of non-performance / partial performance of the service or any other objection from the Customer, SoDExI shall refund the amount of the order in full. Such reservations shall be confirmed in writing within five days of the performance of the service.

Clause No. 12: Force majeure

SoDExI shall not be liable if non-performance of, or a delay in performing one of its obligations listed under these Terms and Conditions arises due to a force majeure, defined as all unforeseen events beyond its control within the meaning of Article 1148 of the French Civil Code (Code civil).

Clause No. 13: Governing law and jurisdiction

Any dispute or litigation arising under these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to French law.

Failing an amicable settlement, the dispute shall be submitted to courts within the jurisdiction of the Paris Commercial Court (Tribunal de commerce de Paris).